Bird, Interrupted.

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The Little Blue Dog

It never ceases to amaze me how destructive we, as humans, are to this planet.  My efforts are typically focused on dog rescue, but I have recently become interested in bird rescue and found out the following startling, upsetting and very sad statistics about the sale of birds as pets:

  • Prior to 1992 it was a legal and common practice for humans to take many species of parrots from the wild in other countries to be brought here to be kept as pets.  Parrots are native to Africa, Australia, Continental Asia, Indonesia, New Zealand, Philippines, and Southwest Pacific.  There is no species native to the US. The US native Carolina Parakeet was hunted to extinction by 1939.
  • Post 1992, parrots sold as pets in the US are from breeding mills and private breeders.
  • Parrots can live from 15 to nearly 100 years depending on the the species.  In the wild…

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